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The World of Darkness

Vampire: The Requiem

Werewolf: The Forsaken

Mage: The Awakening

Promethean: The Created

Changeling: The Lost

Hunter: The Vigil

Geist: the Sin Eaters

Mummy: The Curse

Demon: The Descent

Beast: The Primordial

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Non-Player Characters

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        Data Expansion

        Major Targets
        • Mummy Merits, Mummy Relics
        • Lodges, Gifts, Rites, Talens, Werewolf merits
        • Oaths, Tokens, Changeling merits
        • Mage Artifacts, Imbued Items
        • Numina
        • Flaws
        • Derangements
        Minor Targets
        • Mortal merits
        • Contract Catches
        • Compacts and Conspiracies material
        • Psychic merits
        • Changer aspects, merits
        • Dread Powers
        • Weapons (Armory firearms)
        • Ghoul Families

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